Trend for using clear plastic packaging allover the world
Trend for using clear plastic packaging allover the world

As a new idea for recent years, Clear plastic packaging  have brought people allover the world to a new thought. It takes the place of the traditional cardboard/paper bags for many products.

 Why  Use Clear Packaging?

Packaging is the brand communications tool that gets up close  and personal.

Clear Plastic packaging(transparent packaging)is the brand coomunications tool that connects consumers directly to you prodcuts.High-quality,well-excuted clear plastic bags(clear bags)offer many advantages over plain paperboard packaging.

-Contributes mightily toward very positive sales results

-Allow consumers to view contents and promotes easy prodcuts indentification

-Created exciting aesthetics and value-added perceptions

-Offers high marketing appeal and display characteristics

-Conveys elegance and supports prestige prodcuts positioning

-Excels at seasonal packaging promotions,especially gift sets or gift -with-purchase offers

As a packaginge designer, I recommend  Clear plastic packaging to ornament your prodcuts. There are many companies

producing clear bags allover the world, and many companies are from China, such as : Happylifebox, Hengxin..

Although they are more beautiful and convenient than the traditional cardboard packaging, the clear plastic packaging are not expensive than the paperboard packaging. And more, some clear plastic packaging are produced with environmental friendly or biodegradable material, they can be loved by environmentalists.

All of these, I recommend you to use more and more clear plastic packaging bags and clear plastic box.