transparent storage boxes
transparent storage boxes
transparent storage boxes

transparent storage boxes
Plastic, ECO Friendly PP
Customer Required

  Transparent Storage Boxes 

 Material: 0.4-0.8mm Eco-friendly PP material  

 Size: can make as customer requests

 Printing: Custom-made,offest printing,hot-stamping ,silkscreen..

As well as plastic storage boxes for shoe and boots - they are also available to store hats, clothes,toys and other every day items. They are a great way to store many of your items, keeping them tidy, preventing them from accumalating dust and keeping in a convenient place to find. It is quite possible that you will find  a plastic storage box for almost anything you wish.


Plastic storage boxes for hats



 This new designed hat box will soon be ready in the shops. They have been recently designed due to demand. Made from strong polypropylene keeping your hats clean and preventing them from being squashed. This material is environmentally friendly as it does not damage the enviroment if disposed of and it can also by recycled. In correspondance with manufacturers and UK across and around 31cm 


Plastic storage boxes for the home

There are also a variety of designs soon to be available to store every day home products. These boxes can potentially store clothes, toys, bags, bedding or anything else you may wish. Sizes will be 38cmx38cmx38cm. They are 4 sided (cube shaped) making them exceptionally easy to assemble within seconds.


Plastic storage boxes for daily essentials

Want to keep your small items with you while your on the run? Keys can be attached the sides of these bags, so you never have to search around in your bags to find them. These are extremely convenient little creations. Common ways to use them are to slot them inside your larger bags so you can transfer your essential items where ever you go.